Exceptional Legal Services Creditors Can Rely On

Recovery Of Money Through Collections

For more than 60 years, Marinstein & Marinstein, Esqs., PLLC, has been helping creditors enforce their rights to payment on loans, goods, services, and account receivables using thorough, practical and efficient collections services. When obtaining payment through direct negotiation becomes impractical or is no longer cost-effective, call us. Your can rely on our experienced leadership for collections.

Employing A Wide Range Of Effective Collection Strategies

At Marinstein & Marinstein, our lawyers use specialized collection technology to handle claims in volume and keep your costs down, helping maximize your recovery.

Pre-Lawsuit Negotiation
Our attorneys are accomplished negotiators. We often succeed in securing payment of obligations to our clients. Reaching agreements with debtors takes the form of signing promissory notes, guarantees, mortgages, or confessions of judgment.

Collections Litigation
Pretrial negotiation often fails in securing immediate recovery or a reasonable repayment plan. When that occurs, we begin collection litigation, mortgage foreclosure or enforcement of mechanic’s liens to attempt to collect the balance owed. In cases involving out-of-state judgments, we are able to convert them into New York judgments. We also represent the rights of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

Collections After Judgment
Post-judgment remedies include wage garnishment, attachment of bank accounts, levies on real or personal property and repossession. One of our experienced trial lawyers will handle your case personally from negotiation and trial to post-judgment collection.While adhering to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we use a variety of effective legal strategies. During the post-judgment collection process, we secure information about debtors from a variety of sources. We gather the information necessary to expose hidden assets and sources of income in order to successfully collect your judgment.

Information About Collection Of Judgments In New York
In New York state, a judgment on real property is valid for 10 years and can be renewed for an additional 10 years by a special proceeding. For personal property, a judgment is valid for 20 years. Unopposed judgments may be awarded within 45 days.At the moment a judgment is awarded, a lien attaches to any real property in the county where the judgment is filed. A lien may be obtained for real property in any other county in New York state where a transcript of judgment is filed. Out-of-state judgments can be filed in New York state by a special proceeding.

Hold Debtors Accountable For Delinquent Accounts

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