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Real estate purchases represent significant financial investments. By trying to handle it on your own, you tend to ignore the complexities of the process and the potential pitfalls that may occur. Putting such an important matter in the hands of a skilled real estate attorney can ensure a smooth process with no surprises.

Marinstein & Marinstein, Esqs., PLLC, has been representing buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees and lenders in commercial and individual real estate transactions for over 60 years. Our attorneys are committed to providing high quality, accessible legal representation calculated to promote efficient, predictable real estate transactions.

Providing Comprehensive Real Estate Legal Services Since 1956

We represent clients in a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate transactions:

  • Real property purchase and sale
  • Real estate closings for purchasers, sellers and lenders
  • Construction- and asset-based financing
  • Mortgage and title issues, including marketability and easements, or other land encumbrances
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of commercial leases
  • Zoning and planning for both residential and commercial properties

We know the right questions to ask and the issues surrounding such an important purchase. We can counsel you on:

  • Purchasing title insurance
  • Property inspections that may uncover hidden defects
  • Buying a property with appliances or other items sellers wish to include to raise or lower the price
  • Choosing between a townhouse or a condominium where maintenance is part of the homeowner association fees, or maintaining the home and land on their own

We can also refer you to real estate brokers, explain your rights when dealing with a broker, and make sure you understand when the broker’s commission is due. We also have access to a network of mortgage brokers to ensure the best interest rates are obtained. Similar issues arise in commercial and small-business transactions.

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