Marinstein & Marinstein, Esqs., PLLC, has been protecting the rights of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings for more than 60 years. Whether your debtor is an individual or a business, whether your claim should be excepted from discharge altogether or you are involved in a preference dispute, our experienced bankruptcy court attorneys offer sophisticated representation and flexible, accessible service.

Safeguard Your Interests When A Debtor Files For Bankruptcy

If a debtor files for bankruptcy, we can analyze your claim and determine whether some percentage of recovery is available. If litigation is required, our attorneys can protect your rights through negotiation and decisive litigation.

We provide a variety of services for national and international creditors that include:

  • Filing proofs of claim
  • Objecting when unfavorable bankruptcy plans are proposed
  • Moving to except our clients’ claims from discharge
  • Moving to vacate collection-related stays and to continue foreclosures, replevin actions and repossessions
  • Negotiating debt repayment plans and reaffirmations of debt
  • Litigation of preference disputes

With the approval of the bankruptcy court, some creditors can even continue collections during the bankruptcy process. Our representation includes litigation to prove your claim is still collectible and obtain court approval to collect.

Take Action When Debtors Commit Bankruptcy Fraud

In the case of a debtor who engaged in fraudulent activities regarding the debt in question, the debt may not be allowed to discharge in bankruptcy. Such activities include filing false financial statements, failure to disclose all assets, fraudulently conveying the property to remove it from their list of assets and misusing deposits given by a creditor for a particular purpose.

At Marinstein & Marinstein, we are experienced collections law attorneys with the knowledge and resources to mount an effective investigation and expose the fraud. If fraud is a possibility in your debtor’s bankruptcy, we can discover it and develop a case to prove it.

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